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We are happy to provide you with expert knowledge, information and service whether you play softball, compete in cycling, triathlons or running, or just want to attain a more fit lifestyle. We only carry products that have been thoroughly field tested and/or developed by our staff and we are happy to assist you in your selections. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to enquire about pricing. Our store shows you several of our most popular products but we have access to hundreds of items for you from major manufacturers if you click on our supplier links button.


Team 1 Sports Performance FormulaOur Perfomance Formula is now available!  Click on our Nutritional Supllement tab to learn more and order now !!

Performance Formula is made for the specific needs of men and increases natural 

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Project AMBUSH is Here ! You guys have all been talking about wanting a more durable high performance senior bat and Team 1 Sports and Combat have been listening. A joint project between the designers and engineers at Combat and Team 1 has resulted in the best Senior bat ever produced. Unequaled performance coupled with durability make this the only bat you need to have.The ambush has the largest sweet spot of any other senior softball bat. Due to its extreme performance capabilites this is a NON WARRANTY bat but it will provide you with hundreds of sharp line drives and very long Home Runs. This is a Limited production, Limited Edition bat so pre-order yours now before they are sold out. This is unique design only available at Team 1 Sports and not at any other distributor.

  • Available in 26,27,28, and 30 Ounce balanced and end loaded versions.
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